Schedule 2008:

October 24 @
7:00 PM

Special feature in addition to the conference:
Gusto at the Gallery / Albright Knox Art Gallery

Art Rosenbaum / Neil Rosenbaum
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October 27 @
10:00AM -
12:00PM -

Buffalo State Butler Library 210:
Lance Ledbetter -
"Standing in the Presence of the Past"
Art Rosenbaum - "Music From the American Light."
October 28 @
12:15PM - 1:15PM -

Buffalo State Classroom Building Penthouse:
A reading by Charles McNair

October 28 @
3:00PM - 5:00PM -

Buffalo State Butler Library 210:
Daniel Margolies "Taquerias, Tiendas, and a Sense of Place in Appalachia"

October 28 @
7:00PM -
Hallwalls. Exhibit X: "The Alabama Boys and the Coming Apocalypse." A reading by Allen Shelton and Charles McNair.

Exhibit X

October 29 @
10:00AM - 12:00PM

Buffalo State Butler Library 210:
Neil Rosenbaum "Sing My Troubles By"
a documentary about the lives and music of several elderly Georgia women who continue to perform older styles of traditional music that they have known all their lives.

Panel discussion: Art Rosenbaum, Lance Ledbetter, Charles McNair, Daniel Margolies, Bob Hirsch, and Govindan Kartha.


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