Biographies: 2008

Lance Ledbetter formed Dust-to-Digital to release the box set called Goodbye, Babylon which features six CDs of gospel songs and sermons recorded between 1902-1960. The set has garnered praise from people like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, and bands like Arcade Fire. It won the Alex Award for best box set in 2004, the same year it received two Grammy® Awards nominations including one for Ledbetter for production in the Best Historical Album category. In April 2008, the label’s most recent release, Art of Field Recording Volume I, was the subject of an article in the New Yorker.


Daniel Margolies is the Batten Associate Professor of History at Virginia Wesleyan College and the author of Henry Watterson and the New South: The Politics of Empire, Free Trade, and Globalization, published by the University Press of Kentucky in 2006. Current research project revolves around the Latinization of the South, particularly in terms of migrant music and food.


Charles McNair’s novel, Land O' Goshen (St. Martin's Press, 1994) received a Pulitzer Prize nomination for fiction and widespread critical acclaim. He’s currently Book Editor at Paste Magazine, a nationally distributed culture and music publication. His writing has appeared in many literary and commercial publications, including Saturday Review, Paste, Southern Living,The Black Warrior Review, Negative Capability, and elsewhere.

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Art Rosenbaum is a painter, muralist, draftsman, collector and performer of traditional folk music, writer, and Wheatley Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia, where he taught studio art for 30 years. His friend, the late Rev. Howard Finster wrote: “Art Rosenbaum has a lot of fun, playing his banjow (sic) in many tunes, weaving his art on golden looms.” New York playwright Len Jenkin wrote, “Art Rosenbaum is a great American painter. Smart as hell, raw and beautiful, all heart, soul, and music.” In 2007 a major 4 CD box set compilation of his field recordings, “Art of Field Recording Vol. I,” was released by Dust-to-Digital; Vol. II will be released in December 2008.


Neil Rosenbaum is a film maker living in Southeast Missouri. He will be screening, "Sing My Troubles By," a documentary about the lives and music of several elderly Georgia women who continue to perform older styles of traditional music that they have known all their lives.

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